About ads, or how much we earn from ads

In October 2017, we started displaying ads on this website, as a part of a measurement experiment. But ads can cause problems like distraction, non valid HTML code, visitors being tracked by external sites and perhaps other issues as well. As a small compensation to our visitors, we publish monthly, on this page, the number of unique visits and the amount of money generated from ads.

Please, do not expect any correlation between our statistics and any other sites. Particularly, if you are thinking about displaying ads on your websites, you should not base your decision on the data found here — your websites may perform very differently than ours, better or worse — there is no warranty of any kind.

Reported period: September 2019

Unique visitors, according to Awstats on embedeo.org: 832

Data from Google AdSense report
Page views: 818
Impressions: 926
Clicks: 13
Estimated earnings [EUR, €]: 7.51


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